C1 Temperature Data Logger

Cydiance C1 is a basic single trip electronic temperature data logger(temperature recorder), runs on an independent basis, collects temperature and produces PDF report on its own. It is an ideal choice for any business that needs a simple solution for in-transit temperature recording.



1, Suitable for in-transit temperature recording, including air freight(IATA compatible);

2, One button operation, simple and easy;

3, PDF report auto-generated, no software or hardware needed, work with any computer with Adobe Reader;

4, Food grade water proof pack, easy deployment in any wet condition;

5, Large data capacity of 14,400 temperature points and longest 90days recording cycle;

6, NIST traceable high accurate sensor;



1, Frozen food/Sea food transportation;

2, Fruit transportation;

3, Flower transportation;

4, Agriculture goods transportation;

5, Biomass goods transportation;

6, Pharmaceutical goods transportation;

7, Chemical goods transportation;

8, Other temperature sensitive goods transportation.


Datasheet and specification