Lorca - Real time Location Temperature Logger

Lorca is a disposable real-time data logger designed for international temperature sensitive logistic activities, providing shipment status for the shippers, consignees and logistic partners.

The monitoring coverage is worldwide, more than 150 countries are included in.



1, Real time tracking on temperature humidity and location;

2, One button operation, simple and easy;

3, Online monitoring through any internet browser;

4, Low cost, disposable;

5, 15 days and 60 days options available;

6, Additional shipment information can be added for future reference;



1, Frozen food/Sea food transportation;

2, Fruit transportation;

3, Flower transportation;

4, Agriculture goods transportation;

5, Biomass goods transportation;

6, Pharmaceutical goods transportation;

7, Chemical goods transportation;

8, Other temperature sensitive goods transportation.


Datasheet and specification