User Manual - B Series


WARNING! DO NOT REMOVE the water-proof bag before or in use.

Config (optional!)

You may use the mobile App—Cydiance Hive to configure the logger before start the device. Download from the link below.
This step is however not a must, you may simply skip this step to use default setting. Configuration Instructions


Press the button for 5 seconds till both LED light up, the LED will then flash every 3 seconds indicating the logger is working.

make a mark

Press the button once, the RUN LED will light up for 1 second, indicating a MARK has been made successfully. Total 8 MARKs can be made.


The device can NOT be stopped unless
1/ plugged into computer with USB; or
2/ reach to a maximum of data recording;

get the report

A, plug the USB into the computer to get an encrypted PDF report;
B, use the Cydiance App on phone to read the report.