User Manual - C0 & C1

WARNING!  Do not remove the plastic bag unless you have finished the trip or seen the Run(blue) LED solid.


Press the button for 5 seconds till both LED light up, the LED will then flash every 3 seconds indicating the logger is working.

Make a mark

Press the button once, the RUN LED will light up for 1 second, indicating a MARK has been made successfully. Total 8 MARKs can be made.


The device will stop when,
1, being plugged into the computer with USB; or
2, reaches to maximum data.

Get the report

Plug USB into the computer, you will see both LEDs flashing, wait a while till the RUN LED become solid, and then a flash disk will pop up with an encrypted PDF report, and an editable CSV report.

Video Tutorial - How to start C0 or C1
Video Tutorial - How to get the report from C0 or C1 via computer