How to use the Hive App.

Read temperature and humidity with your mobile phone and without reach to the sensors.

Note: if you are looking for the new Cydiance App, please click here.

find device

As soon as you open the App, it is searching all Cydiance Bluetooth devices around. Some devices pop up quickly, some take longer.

Stop finding

You may touch anywhere of the screen to stop the "Finding" when you see your device appeared in list.

Connect the device

Click on the device to connect it, it might need 5-10 seconds depending in different environment and mobile phone setup.

Reading the summary

Once connected, you may have a view of the device information and summary of the trip. Including high/low, average, MKT values of the temperature and humidity(B2).

View complete report

Click on the "Data" tab, the app will start to download the full report from the device. Temperature and humidity will be displayed as in graphic, presenting in blue and green. You may zoom in/out with your fingers.

Report share

Share the report by click on the icon on right top of the screen, A summary page in PDF will be generated and available to share in various applications like Whatsapp, wechat etc.