Chinese fruit producer benefits from Cydiance product

The Chinese fruit producer is a well known brand across the country, sales in most supermarkets including Walmart, Metro, Yonghui etc, supplies more than 18,000 tons of fresh fruit yearly.

They have been focusing on premium quality standards only and they are one of those pioneers in temperature controlled transport in China.

Cydiance is honored to be involved as an important partner in this quality assurance and improvement plan.

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On June 17, 2017, a refrigeration container full of the Xinjiang Hami melon, routed from Xinjiang to Shanghai, arrived with a condition of 100% rotted, recording loss value RMB250,000. The company is unhappy with what has happened but the transporter refused to commit the mistake, and said it's the problem of supplier, all parties involved are called to cooperate on investigation, and the temperature recording device, which is from Cydiance, are taken out to tell the story.

Temperature applied since the departure, has never been reached to requested 0-5 cent degrees, but remained at over 20 centidegrees, after more than 50 hours of transportation, the driver tried to tune the temperature to be as close to 5 centidegrees, but it's too late.

Data never lies.

The fruit producer is now able to claim to insurance company and then it will be all problem in between the transporter and the insurance company.

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