Reduce risks in shipment affection by using Bluetooth loggers

As the global pandemic continues to grow, more industrial sectors are affected, especially the global cold chain for food.

Take China imports for example. In the past 7 days, Covid 19 has been detected in below shipments.

  • Nov 28th, 1 positive report on Pangasius from Vietnam, 2 positive reports on beef from Brazil, 1 positive report on Cod from Russia;
  • Dec 2nd, 1 positive report about beef on Argentina;
  • Dec 4th, 1 positive report about beef on Argentina, 1 positive report on cutlass from Thailand, 1 positive report on shell product.

All virus is detected on the package of products.

This is to say, the virus can stay alive for a long trip in the cold chain environment even on the plastic surface. Anyone affected who touched the package may leave the virus to destination.

In this case, we highly recommend the Cydiance Bluetooth logger product, which is easier and safer for any intermediate checks without touching your product package, to reduce the risk of affection.

The traditional USB loggers request the users to connect physically with phone or computer, while NFC loggers also request close contact between device and mobile phone. These kinds of contacts create uncontrollable elements during the shipment transit and increase risks of affections.

However, if you are working with Bluetooth loggers, you may read the data from a distance, while the loggers are still inside the pallet, and process any intermediate temperature check without touching the devices or pallets.

Reference: B3 Bluetooth USB Temperature Logger – Cydiance

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