What’s happening to our salmon shipment? Understand temperature chart at a glance

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In the midnight of one day last week, one of our colleagues received a serial of emergency calls from Chile. A salmon exporter has been trying to track their shipments with data loggers, and for security reasons they placed loggers from 2 suppliers, one of them is Cydiance Chile.

However, the customer is now worrying as they astonishingly found the arrival reports from the 2 manufacturers, seem to be totally different. Cydiance Chile forwarded the issue to our technical colleagues in China immediately.

Temperature Chart from the other brand
Temperature Chart from Cydiance C1 report

After close investigation of the reports, we found, in the chart from the other logger supplier, each segment of Y-axis is 3°C while Cydiance separate with 1°C and automatically expanded to the full scale of the data samples; in this case, we have seen 25 segments comparing to 10 segments from the other brand. We also notice a comparison of 10:6 on the X-axis, so eventually, we are having a much higher resolution of the chart from Cydiance.

We do also notice, the temperature response from Cydiance logger is faster, which enables the system to capture short time temperature changes.

Comparably flat curve for the start of cold chain
Distinct spike from curve alerts user of something unusual

Take the same case as an example, there is an apparent difference at the start part of the recording. Cydiance logger recorded a temperature surge event but, for some reasons the other brand did not. And we know for a premium fresh chilled salmon, such event may cause a potential loss in quality and value.

The high-resolution chart from Cydiance is a remarkable tool, to call quick attention to whoever concerned without having to check complete data in pages. This will tremendously increase the accuracy and efficiency of the inspector’s work.


We consider the correctness from the 2 charts conforms to each other roughly. however, the difference lies in the details. The interface from the other brand is simple and less informative, while the Cydiance chart contains much more information, higher resolution, faster response, it might be more complicated for first time user but it will be more useful for professional users.

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