cydiance book

Shipment tracking and managing system designed for global importers and exporters.

Multiple Shipments Management

Shipments linked to the current account will be shown in a listing page, with filters and indicating icons for easy view and manage.


Connect device in each shipment page, all data including temperature, humidity and location will be automatically uploaded and present in a complete and organized way on-page.


Locations and routes are shown based on coordinates collected from the tracking device. A geofence system is built in to provide notification for entry of a specific location.

Shipping Docs Loading Pics

Documents related to shipment can be uploaded in the same page, to ensure nothing is missing for clearance or inspection; Loading photo can be collected with a simple link sending to phone for picture taking.

Alerts Notifications

Alerts on temperature, humidity breach will be sent via email or SMS to related account; notifications including goods delivery, overdue, geofence can also be sent as remind.


You may invite whoever related into the same shipment, to share all or part of the information and documents. All activities will be kept in a log for security purpose.

And more features

Data Security

All information is stored with Equinix Data Center located in Frankfurt, Germany. All data will be encrypted for confidential.

Real time chat

A built-in conversation system is enabled for each shipment page, to ensure all chat is on topic.