Data Logger connected Shipment Management

Manage your export and import shipments in an organized way, connect with data loggers, share docs with invited personnel.

Track your shipment with Cydiance data logger to know the temperature, humidity and location, and still more elements to come in the near future.

Different types of connection interface for these loggers. From simple USB port, to real-time GSM/GPRS. And also Bluetooth.

The Cydiance Book platform is free to register. You may use it to manage multiple shipments, track shipment status, organize documents and get on time alerts. 

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Logger and Tracker

C0-Standard USB PDF temperature data logger


Standard USB, work to -20ºC, PDF only, temperature only

C1-USB CSV PDF temperature data logger


Premium USB, work to -30ºC, PDF+CSV, temperature only

usb bluetooth temperature logger


Bluetooth USB, work to -30ºC, PDF+CSV export and share, temperature only

temperature tracker



Real-time GPRS temperature, location tracker

temperature humidity tracker



Real-time GPRS temperature, humidity and location tracker

temperature humidity tracker reusable


Piura R

Reusable Real-time GPRS temperature, humidity and location tracker

Tracking Platform


Connect to all Cydiance tracking devices with serial numbers. Get data on temperature, humidity and location of your goods automatically.

Manage multiple shipments in one page with filters

Invite personnel related, setup privilege for each shipment to view, edit and set alerts

Upload related docs and photos to share, from desktop or from phone.

Getting alerts on any excursion of temperature, humidity breach; notification on location geofencing; forcast on multiple shipments departures and arrivals. 

Certification and Compliance