Bluetooth USB logger



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Bluetooth + USB

You can always use B3 like a normal USB logger. Once finished the trip, plug into computer or mobile phone, wait for a while and you will see 2 report files created for the data.

Download the Cydiance App, connect to the device with your phone at any time when you are around it.

The device continues to work when you read data with Bluetooth, and the cold chain environment is kept stable.

You will see multiple devices working around you when you use Cydiance App.

Multiple Reports

Plug into computer with the USB, or plug into phone with the USB adapter, you will get 2 reports in PDF and CSV in 30 seconds.

You may download data directly while connecting to device via Bluetooth, even without internet.

You may also export the report in PDF whenever you see the online statistics pages.

Simple Operation Logic

Less training, less mistakes

Stop manually is not allowed to prevent mis-operation or intentional behaviors.

2 LEDs indicates activation, working status and alarm status.

Professional Chart

Including calculated values of Maximum, Minimum, Average, MKT(Mean Kinetic Temperature) etc.

Onboard PDF report adopts 20 section dynamic Y-axis(data) and 10 section X-axis(time), providing 200 grids(X*Y) of display scale and 920 groups of granularity level. Both leading the industrial specs.

Complete data with date, time, temperature and humidity(if applicable), in the selected options(time zone, temperature unit).

Failure Proof Measures

Device strives to keep the up-to-time records should it encounters any harsh conditions beyond standard.

Silent Logging enabled and continues to record should the sender forget to activate the device.

Global Certifications

Certified to CE, FCC-ID, FCC-sdoc, RoHS.

Certified to comply with IATA; Tested to RTCA DO-160G; Comply with International Maritime Dangerous Goods Regulation.

Calibration traceable to NIST from the United States.

Recognized and approved for documents in claim purpose by various European insurance companies.

Data Sheet(printable)

User Manual

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