F2C Program

F2C(Fresh to China) is a special recycle program, and it’s more than a recycle program. The program is valid for all Cydiance products that return to China.

distributor friendly

The program tracks all return devices and rewards to the distributors who sold these devices.

high rebate rate

Industrial high rebate rate at maximum US$10 / each.

We collect

Instead of waiting for clients to send device back to us, we go collecting devices ourselves to raise the recyle rate..

Distributor Friendly

We love our distributors. In F2C program, we work with distributor to try to build recycle models, and we also share benefits from the recycle program with distributor.

We encourage our distributor to work more with exporters to China. We do even work from here to help secure orders by talking to the importers. For each device coming back to China, we will rebate to our distributors, which may reach to US$ 10 maximum per device.

We don’t wait, we collect the devices from importers ourselves, to strive for the industrial highest recycle rate.

You never get a good recycle rate if you don’t collect, we have seen thousands of units from competitiors creating only gabages in the customer’s office. We can’t wait, we want to hit the highest recycle rate and work for a better environment, positively.

We Collect

Want to learn more ?

We are still looking for distributors in certain countries, so don’t hesitate and talk to us now.