Frequently Asked Questions


Simply to say, it’s the combination of 2 words : cyber and radiance. As you can read, we try to express the interest on internet related development..

Cydiance works as a technology designer, a quality controller and a supply chain manager.

Production is done and monitored according to the strict and professional requirements from Cydiance. All manufacturing plants are certified by ISO9001 regulations.

In most occasions we work with distributors in your country. However in these certain countries that we do not have distributors, we can sale directly and ship by courier to you site.

Yes we are still looking for distributors. You are welcome to submit your request.

We normally work with Fedex and DHL.

We currently support Bank transfer and paypal.

Please download the warranty policy from here.

About Cydiance Book

We don’t have a paid service plan with Cydiance Book for now, as long as you are using Cydiance tracking devices, the Cydiance Book is always free. 

Yes. You may use the search function in the middle of the home page of Cydiance Book, and type in the serial number of the tracking device you have. The last update including location, temperature (and humidity) will appear in next page.

Register(free) on Cydiance Book, create a shipment, connect the device with serial number. That’s it.

Simply invite whomever you want to share by entering their emails. It’s just one click and then you can configure their access privilege to each part of information.

We store all the data with Amazon Data Center located in North Virginia, United States. All data will be encrypted for confidential purpose.

Yes we have enabled SignalR push service.

About Cydiance C1

In most instance yes but not 100%. However the real advantage is the stability. Each digital sensor is calibrated to be within a certain range of accuracy, but NTC relies on batch workmanship and that varies.

C1 uses digital sensors supplied with a calibration certificate from manufacturer traceable back to NIST. Cydiance also has a complete test/inspect equipment which also complies with NIST. 

A high accurate internal clock is built on board, which allows 0.5 seconds difference every day comparing to UTC. You will have a difference of 3 minutes 27 seconds in worst case when you use the device after one year.

Further reference – Right temperature, right time!

Yes it’s compatible to all versions of Windows, MAC.

Yes, we have optimized a range of components and we have test reports showing that C1 performs perfect at -30 celcius degree.

You are not able to stop the device in the first hour after its activation. This is to prevent operators from stopping the device by mistake.

About Lorca and Piura

Lorca is a town from Spain; Piura is a city from Peru, we named the humidity device with this name to memorize the Peru flood disaster in 2017.

Unfortunately not, the connection requires cellular base stations.

The location service is based on triangular calculation with base stations’ ID, and this may not be always accurate due to blocking on signal return. The difference can be several kilometers in worst case. Please use the location only as a reference, we do not provide any guarantee of the accuracy of this service.

For 2 reasons.

First off, GPS consumes enormous battery while using, which affect the tracking duration; Secondly, GPS relies on satelite, while in most of our scenarios, device is deployed in enclosed environment like containers and connections are blocked.

You may only re-use device with the Piura R. Recharging the disposable device does not provide extended data connection to the online data center. Please request for a Piura R if you are looking for re-usable plans.

Each device comes with a data package including 1,440 sets of data. Covering both applications in 15days 15mins or 60 days 60 mins.