User Manual

User Manual for B series

B1 - USB Bluetooth Temperature Logger
B2 - USB Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Logger

User Manual for C series

C0 - USB Temperature Logger - Fresh
C1 - USB Temperature Logger - Frozen

LED Language of the Loggers

Interpreting the LEDs language, for both the B and C series.

Read the reports by computer

How to read the PDF/CSV reports with a Windows computer

Read the reports by phone

How to read the PDF/CSV reports by Android phone

How to use the Hive app

Use your mobile phone to read the B1/B2 loggers

Calibration statement

Calibration for B and C series

NIST calibration for both B and C series loggers

Calibration for R Series

NIST or PTB/NPL calibration for R series, including Lorca and Piura