Bluetooth logger for quick temperature checks en route

The new Bluetooth loggers, model “B1” from Cydiance, can be quite useful when intermediate checks are needed in the fruit logistic routes.

Bluetooth temperature logger B1
Cydiance B1 – Bluetooth temperature logger with USB PDF report

You may now use a mobile phone to access to the temperature history, without stopping or even touching the device; You can have an overview of all records before packing house or port, in transit point, and then decide the pallets to go and ensure perfect delivery.

Use B1 to collect temperature data without touch

Moreover, with the simple App, you will collect temperature information from multiple devices at the same time.

Cydiance bluetooth logger app
Cydiance App – Hive, shows multiple devices around at same time.

The “B1” Bluetooth logger is developed based on Cydiance USB series and built with the same USB port. Importers may simply use the USB if they don’t want to use Bluetooth with their phones.

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