Cydiance enhances on-site data support in China

In the past 5 years, Cydiance has been focusing on the quality and reliability of data loggers.

Starting from September 2019, Cydiance has decided to enhance the on-site DATA support in China, especially after working with major Chinese importers.

Austin Gu(CEO) and Rodrigo Aliaga(Director of Sales) in Asia Fruit Logistica 2019

Cydiance has reached to most domesitc importers, and built up a service network for Cydiance data loggers and trackers. This provides a guarantee of data access for all Cydiance clients, for importers and for exporters.

Cydiance on-site DATA support service in market

Cydiance is now offering on-site support within 24 hours, no matter where the shipment located, within China, especially in emergency occasion.

Our work is to make sure the clients get their data, not our device.

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