Cydiance temperature data logger used in tuna airfreight shipment

Temperature matters in Sri Lanka tuna export

As a leading seafood processing and export company based in Sri Lanka, John Seafoods supplys the best yellow fin tuna out from Indian ocean, together with other species like Swordfish etc.

Tuna export package

They care about the quality of products supplied to oversea clients and all details in the processing and transportation too. They have therefore chosen Cydiance C1 as their temperature recording device for all their shipment to clients.

On April 13, 2017, a box of yellow fin Tuna, routed from Negombo to Israel, was found with some temperature issues, and rejected by Customs Brokerage DSV in TLV Airport. The temperature chart suspected abnormal high rise at the end of the route, Cydiance was informed the same time when it happens and our after sales team quickly gathered all possible information.

C1 temperature data logger PDF report

After investigating with all gathered information and the C1 temperature report, we suspect that it was a mis-handling in Custom. Later with further checking, client confirmed it was caused by exceptional operation in exposed environment.

The last 2 data in the temperautre chart are proved to be mis-handling by the operator on site.

Problem solved and both John Seafoods and their clients were happy!

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