Bluetooth USB data logger

Temperature/Humidity - Fresh and Frozen


Everything made for the best performance

Bluetooth + USB

Dual interface ensures convenience and stability.

low temperature stability

Proven records on frozen temperature recording.

Humidity Records

Built in humidity sensor with direct contact to air.

Multiple calibration

Industrial standards digital sensors traceable to NIST, PTB and NPL.

non-stop strategy

Manual stop by button prohibted in running status.

Failure recovery strategy

Built in failure recovery strategies to ensure delivery of report in tough conditions.

Highest Temperature resolution

Industry highest temperature resolution - 0.0625°C

Highest time accuracy

Industry highest time accuracy - ±157.68 seconds per 365 days


  • Temperature Range - -30°C to 70°C(-22°Fto 158°F)
  • Temperature Accuracy - ±0.5°C /0.9°F
  • Temperature resolution - 0.0625°C /°F
  • Humidity Range - 0% ~ 99% non-condensing
  • Humidity Accuracy - ±5%(20~80%), ±8% other
  • Data storage capacity - 14400+14400 readings
  • Log Cycle - Maximum 60 days
  • Shelf Life - 12 months
  • Report source - Self-generated, no software needed; App connection with Bluetooth
  • Certificate - CE, FCC, RoHs


Complete specifications are listed in brochure.

User Manual

The manual for operation and read of the data logger.