Cydiance expands service to Peru

Cydiance has successfuly extended business service reach to Peru, with Diego Neira who will operate the business. En medio de la actual pandemia, con limitaciones logísticas en la cadena de suministro, el Perú sigue abasteciendo al mundo con sus frutas y verduras. En estas circunstancias, es critico monitorear la cadena de frio con Termografos confiables, […]

Real-time data logger – How do they work?

Real-time data logger transfer data via cellular network

Real-time is the future for data logger solutions. An in-time report is valuable for decision-makers during transportation. In this article, we are going to explain how real-time data logger works to push data online. Building connections We are talking about wireless connection, nowadays we have WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RF etc, but they are all restricted […]

Service trip in Philippines

Cydiance team has recently finished a trip in the Philippines, visiting major cities, farms and facilities. We talked to different personnels in the fruit and seafood supply chain, to understand the workflows, challenges. We also presented our new temperature, humidity logging and tracking devices and solutions. Cydiance will expand its service network into major part […]

Bluetooth logger for quick temperature checks en route

The new Bluetooth loggers, model “B1” from Cydiance, can be quite useful when intermediate checks are needed in the fruit logistic routes. You may now use a mobile phone to access to the temperature history, without stopping or even touching the device; You can have an overview of all records before packing house or port, […]

Cydiance enhances on-site data support in China

In the past 5 years, Cydiance has been focusing on the quality and reliability of data loggers. Starting from September 2019, Cydiance has decided to enhance the on-site DATA support in China, especially after working with major Chinese importers. Cydiance has reached to most domesitc importers, and built up a service network for Cydiance data […]

B2 – Bluetooth, temperature, humidity!

Cydiance just released the new temperature and humidity logger, with bluetooth and USB interface, named B2. B2 has been displayed firstly in Asia Fruit Logistica 2019 in Hongkong early this September in the Cydiance booth. Cydiance B2 inherets the family design of the USB series, but with built in humidity sensor. A special package allows […]

Case Study: Extreme low temperature performance of data logger

In this case study, we are going to talk about the low-temperature capability of temperature data loggers. Here’s an example. The graphic chart shows, that the unit has been experiencing an extremely low temperature(below -50 °C ) and was struggling to work in normal status, but it still managed to record temperature in a wider […]