C1 used in Plant tissue culture

Monfori, as a company founded by Monsanto USA, has been developing in plant tissue culture since 20 years ago, with world class facility and strong research capability in propagation.

Monfori delivers their temperature sensitive product worldwide, especially going into Australia and Europe. Temperature recording is important for tracking of the products integrity.

It is then critical to make sure the products are transported in proper temperature. Liviyana, logistic manager of the company, contacted Cydiance in 2014 and tried the C1 USB PDF temperature data logger. They were happy to find the small size C1 to be incredibly simple yet reliable on data recording. Report is retrieved easily and also effortless to read, it helps on the process of QA and provides a smart way on quality tracking.

Up to now, Cydiance has been partner of Monfori for 4 years. Cydiance is glad to serve this special sector of Bio Science.

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